Pineapple’s Rumble Z Vibrating earphone, Ultimate Gaming, Movie watching – White/Green Review

November 18, 2009 at 7:38 pm Leave a comment

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Mobile gaming has become more popular with cell phones, mp3 players, and gaming devices now with 3d gaming. I have both the Microsoft ZuneHD and Ipod Touch 2nd Generation and play games often. On these devices the effect is quite not the same as playing games on the big screen. One advantage is having several speakers with your home entertainment system. The good news is a new company is aiming to provide gaming earphones to the public.

The Pineapple design is similar to other earphones like the Apple iPod earphones. It does have silicone accents in green or gray colors. The earphones overall look good next to any device I use it with. I would also say the build quality it rather good that it should last a long time.

The Pineapple Rumble Z is geared towards mobile gamers. Apple with their iPhones and iPod Touch has brought good quality games to their mobile devices. What the Pineapple Rumble Z does is provide a more immersive game experience with clear sound and vibration feedback. The vibration function in the earphones is subtle yet effective in creating a new experience when playing games on your phone or mp3 player.

Overall I like Pineapple’s Rumble Z vibrating earphones for their good quality sound and game oriented feedback. These earphones can replace your stock earphones while providing better sound quality. Check out these earphones for something different. They will work great paired with your iPhone, DS, or PSP.

9.8 Out of 10

Buy it now on sale at for $39.99
Pineapple’s Rumble Z Vibrating earphone, Ultimate Gaming, Movie watching – White/Green


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