Back XTC Handheld Professional Massager Review

May 10, 2008 at 6:54 am 7 comments

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Product Page Back XTC Handheld Professional Massager

Back XTC Handheld Professional Massager. This model retails for over $125. Doctors and Therapists have been treating muscle tension for years with powerful percussive massagers. XTC massagers are the newest in handheld back massagers. Created with health professionals, the BACK XTC Massagers were designed to provide professional strength massage and therapeutic relief of muscle tension at home. Equipped with 5 variable speed control. Compare this to the Thumper Mini Pro 2 model.

The unique action of BACK XTC massagers – is pulsed acupressure. This generates strong waves, that can penetrate through deep muscle layers, giving quick and effective relaxation of even the thickest muscles – using only light pressure. Which is why we call them WAVE MASSAGERS.

These massagers come with 3 different sets of anatomically designed interchangeable massage heads for different body types and different penetration. This gives you the added flexibility of choosing the firmness of massage that is just right for you, for your individual massage preference. The heads simply snap on and off with a slight twisting motion. This self massagers puts the power of WAVE MASSAGE in your own hand. Deep full body massage that relaxes and invigorates. Used properly, they will give you years of effective release of muscle tension and stress.

FDA registered and electrically certified for use in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Intro: Ever since my Homedics Massager stopped working I was researching the next Massager I wanted to purchase. There were a handful of massagers with very good ratings. First the Thumper Mini Pro 2, this was probably the most popular of handheld massagers for professionals. Next was the Equalizer Pro but this model was discontinued. And then the most well known consumer pro grade massager Brookstone Max Dual Node Massager. Both the Max and Thumper were on my radar until I looked at the prices. The Thumper2 and Brookstone Max sold at online shops for $200. That was just too much money for a massager. Finally I saw the Back XTC Massager which was being compared to the Thumper2. When researching the Back XTC I could not find a single review or rating. So it must have been too new to the market.

Design: The Back XTC Massager comes in all black with very solid ABS plastics. The build quality of the unit was very good. The cord is very long so you can reach for quite a distance. Also I found the unit a medium weight which was great for one-handed use. The Massager also has a handle at the end of unit that improves control with two hands.

Function: The Back XTC Massager is being advertised as a professional grade massager. And it does deliver. The Back XTC Massager has a nice wave like pulsation that provides a refreshing massage that has lasting effects. Unlike the Homedics massager that provided temporary relief. The Back XTC Massager relaxes the muscles and tension in the body from working long hours, sports, and general labor. There are 5 speed settings. I prefer 5 the best of the settings. And included are 3 massage heads. The medium with its rubber like texture seems to work best for the majority of people.

Durability: This part of the review will be revisited 6months and 12months from now to see if it’s still working like new. But at the moment it is holding up quite well. Also the Back XTC Massager is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Conclusion: At less than half the cost of the Thumper2, the Back XTC Professional Massager is a good value for professionals, consumers, and anyone who needs relief from aches and pains. I would highly recommend the Back XTC Massager to anyone who wants Professional result from their massager.

9.5 out of 10

Buy it now at here Back XTC Handheld Professional Massager


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7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. SOG knives  |  July 19, 2008 at 2:26 am

    SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

  • 2. Jason Lewis  |  November 23, 2008 at 5:33 am

    Interested in the Back XTC Massager (supposedly powerful).

  • 3. Bill  |  January 20, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    How is your XTC massager holding up? I’m on the fence and can’t decide between the XTC or Thumper.


  • 4. K.C. Kim  |  January 20, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    Hello, The XTC Massager is still working fine. Some negatives I have found over time of use is that the XTC is noiser now than when I first bought it. And it’s slightly less powerful than when I first receive it. Still it’s a good value. But if you have the money to upgrade to the Thumper then you should. Still I found the XTC to be worth every penny I payed for it.

  • 5. Bill  |  January 21, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Exactly what I needed to know. I appreciate the info! I’m leaning towards the Thumper anyways since it would be used professionally as well.


  • 6. william G  |  February 20, 2011 at 2:24 am

    I purchased one of these XTC machines in 2006. I also found that it became a little noisier after about 2 year. Sort of a knocking sound. I took it apart and found that the set screw fastening the shaft of the motor to the pulsating head, had become a little loose and had migrated down the shaft and was hitting on the case. After making the proper adjustment, locktiting the set screw, and reassembling the unit I was able to use it right up to the present day. The motor is getting a little tired now and I am looking at purchasing a replacement motor for it if the price is not prohibitive. What a great machine this has been. It has been used on numerous friends and family over the years and I do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I believe if I had tended to the loose connection earlier, like before it began to slow the motor, I would not be replacing it now.


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